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A Room Full of Sorrows

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In an empty room, we find a girl sitting on the floor.
Her head bent, arms around her knees.
The curtains are slightly parted, allowing a sliver
Of light shining on her narrow shoulders.
Silence envelops her, a quietness
not seen in a child of eight.
Her dad had just died, her mom is mourning,
Her siblings are out drowning themselves in liquid courage.
There is no one there—not a single soul—
to save her from what is to come.
The door opens ever so slightly, soon a silver head
peaks in, greasy limbs, and a grin soon follow the lead.
The door closes, blocking our vision of her.
We hear a sigh, a pat on her hair,
a touch on her shoulder, a caress on her arms.
We hear the struggle, the rustle of clothes,
an eager grunt, a muffled cry,
the Death of Innocence.
The knob turns and the door creaks open.
A decidedly click of the lock. We hear
light footsteps fading in the hallway,
a chuckle of satisfaction and a whistle
of a happy nursery rhyme lingering behind.
In that empty room, we see the girl sitting on the floor.
Her head swimming in nightmares,
Her arms shaking in fear, her shoulders in disgust.
The curtains are drawn. Darkness,
Silence, and Coldness surround her.


Written by Angel Santos

March 4, 2017 at 9:57 AM

Posted in Oblivion

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